Issue with Christa?

I have been noticing that Christa, while confused or taunted, will pop off her ar on the 2nd round of those states. No resist mods or weapon upgrades to effect these states. Has anyone else seen this happen?

You of all people are asking this? She has an active that gives her focus turn 2. Focus ignores human shield, taunt and confuse so she is free to go off.


Well that explains it. Thanks, tbh, i really didnt know what focus did haha.

Lol you’re an OG you were around when green Zeke was released.

Noticed it as well mostly in arenas.

and while yes focus is a great skill and all if u are confused or taunted how would a toon then use this skill on self?

They used it before they got taunted it confused.

Time machine maybe?

No… 7 characters

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Yea i was wondering the same thing the other day and had a faction memeber tell me about it cause i thought focus just allowed you to bypass the shield not taunt and confuse

Yeah and James is still giving out ap to collateraled toons

As in the ones that are adjacent

If she hasn’t used her active skill and is already confused or taunted how does she then put it on?
Really really don’t understand ur reasoning

They said that would change with the next update. We haven’t had that update yet


I’m saying she likely used her active before she got tainted/confused.

Ah ok that that update already went live

I thought I noticed something was wrong too. Just didn’t care enough to say anything

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She uses it turn 2 so it’s likely that you haven’t rushed yet. If you have a video of it happening I would love to see it and we could get some scopely help but I haven’t personally

If she’s already confused or taunted then she can’t use her active skill. If she used her active skill and then you confuse or taunt her, it won’t work. Makes sense?

Honestly though, I would be more concerned with Christa taking out an entire team with her AR. I don’t remember the circumstances but yesterday her AR took out 4 people. Possibly pain split was involved, I don’t remember.

I get that but as I wrote in my 1st response to this thread if she is already confused or taunted how can she use her ar or as answer is she can’t or shouldn’t unless she is bugged some how. Again I only noticed it in arenas not sure which one as it could just be in this part of the game. Didn’t notice it in raids as alot lowered def. There was a post around war time saying the the same thing. No the active was not used the turn before as I had her in a control loop.