Issue with chocolate cake road map

I assume the 80 cakes is supposed to be 800 like the cone road map. Can someone please tag GR on the off chance someone gets a lucky pull?


They wont do anything lol glad i saw this post first before wasting energy


Not even speaking about the requirement to complete the 1st roadmap which costs 30 more torches.


I went for it and got 125 all together

Also why are you not able to do the 2nd act right away like you can on the ice cream cone roadmap

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So what now?

I’m not playing it until its fixed

Still not fixed.

^ up (seven chars) still no reply

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still not fixed.

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As if you would ever get those 800 choco cakes. :joy:


I don’t bother with the 2nd acts of those. From the first act I’ve got 15, 25 and 50 out of the crates, but every time i did try act 2, i only got 50. So from a cost vs reward point of view, it is so not worth it IMO.

I hope they do fix it before .01% of players actually pull the 800 though. I mean 80

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I do believe the odds for getting cakes or ice cones will mysteriously drop after many players claimed their first s/class Priya / Laopopo and etc.

5 days later, still broken. Doesn’t matter probably cause nobody is probably in the 800 i mean 80 cake bucket anyway

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