Issue with Blue Morgan

Recently I’ve been stuck frozen in walker stages, with no one left, but something like 9/10 walkers killed. The wave doesn’t complete and I have no choice but to flee. I believe it’s related to blue Morgan’s follow up skill. Not only is the animation of his follow up attack and the damage to the opponent extrememly delayed, I think it’s causing this freezing issue. Very frustrating, as I’ve missed out on various types of energy with this happening now.

Also, please check that his active skill is working appropriately as well.

Please, someone fix this along with all of the other things that need fixing.



Looks like a new feature to me.

Jk. I hope it gets sorted out mate. Kinda frustrating that you pulled for a powerhouse of a toon only to get fucked by it.

Nah it’s not due to Morgan. I have Morgan but the game crashed like that when he was not in my team

His active skill is definitely not working.

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You can buy more wood to try again in the offer section :grin:

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