Issue with account

Been trying to get my account back and got to the point of being given what info I have to give them. Can’t find who to send it to though! Any ideas?

send it to CS :-))))))))))))))))))))

sorry, didnt mean to be a dickhead to you, i feel for you man

No worries; I’d do the same

Apparently you need a receipt from a previous purchase from google or apple, 1 arm and 2 legs, keep surviving survivor!

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I have one armed Rick, one legged Heath, and one legged Dale.

Does that count?


:joy: yeah got told all that at 1st but they told me to link to Facebook which wiped my game completely so said a load of bits to tell em o get it back

@ForumAdmin @kalishane can’t remember what admin asked for the info. Someone answer from admin please


Oh no! :frowning:
What was the last thing they said after that?

The same thing happened to me. They keep saying talk to cs. But they just keep.asking for more and more info. Luckily I have 2 devices or I would be really upset. @kalishane is this a big issue that happened with the beta update I have never had this happen before. I can’t link my Facebook account because this one is linked to something who knows what cuz it doesn’t tell me.

Gotta send screen shot of old and new profiles, new account number, rough team I normally use and when I was last on.
Had a reply from an admin asking for those but the message is gone

I’ve lost access to my main account on my phone yesterday. It’s linked to Facebook and it happened when I switched devices to my tablet as my phone needed charging and have done this hundreds of times without issue. When I went to go back on my phone it says my phone is linked to an account and won’t let me join my Facebook linked account.
I still have access to the account via the tablet but this isn’t always accessible. I contacted support straight away. No answer as yet as to how i can get back on my phone

Takes a while mate, been sorting this since early December


I got mine done today. It took 2 days. But it has been moved to my phone. Now I’m scared if I switch I’ll get stuck again.

Do you remember which admin sorted it for u?