ISO canteen and gps FOREVER


I’m about ready to sell my soul for these (current valuation tree fiddy). Can we please for the love of all that’s holy get these SOME KIND OF WAY. I’m stuck, as I’m sure tons of us are, in no small part due to a thousand level ups…oh, and ps, still want regular gear map back.


I’ve played the game since just about day 1. Which means my value is way less than tree fiddy by now :rofl: I think the whole population of the game is in the same boat though :disappointed_relieved: At least it if you agree with general forum consensus, its sinking, so it wont be long, haha.


Same boat here, I have plenty of canteens but absolutely can not get a GPS to save my life. I need about 15 of them.


So dumb. But as long as whales keep buying these stashed they will not give them out. They are ruining the game.


Former whale here, I have no interest in spending on this meta and I’m not really sure who is tbh. I only have 2 tier 4 6s and can’t seem to get another GPS to save my life. Slow clap, Scopely. Throttling players is an expert way to keep them engaged /s


Where the fuq is legendary gear maps… been months since the promise.
Stop holding peeps back. Peeps won’t spend on promos if ya can’t use em ffs. Stop gear throttling is!!!


everyone was able to take canteens and gps in the same way as me, but they opted for wyatt and vincent, right? Do not come with whining for your own bad decisions


Am I misremembering that those collection events were still based on RNG? I have 4 canteens and 0 GPS. It’s not like you could select which one you received from the bags.


Same with me I just pulled canteen’s but if I would had pulled a few GPS’s nevertheless i still would have 12 more stuck on tier 3. They need to do something to atleast give us more chance’s at that gear.


I have 4 canteens and 3 gps, one 6 * t4. Choose not to take any of those characters, anyway I say that new opportunities will come, this was just for a beautiful ban wave nothing more. besides they will not give them without any difficulty


Where did I say it was the whales fault? I simply made a statement and I stand by it. I have whales in my faction who buy the gear. Obviously people are buying it, otherwise something would change. It’s not their fault, but if scopely gives us a map, they make zero money… at least this way they make some money.


I went for gear in both events and got 7 gps and 1 canteen. Scopely rng is the worst lol.


I maxed on canteens/gps in museum collections as well and was pretty lucky in how evenly they were distributed, have a couple left of each, but if i can’t obtain more there will be no point in continuing to put up 2 million plus in nearly every level up if all this trait specific gear is just going to gather dust in my inventory.


I have been at a stand still for months because of this gear choke hold they have on us.


I also choose gear at every bend and still NO LOVE. it isn’t about anyone’s choices it’s about poor availability. Period.


Did people already forget about the time when bags and walkies were super rare and it was amazing to see a full team of T4 5*? We’re doing the same thing except with 6*.


they should create a market / barter system between players, if they are concerned about their “money” paying taxes, or every month / year pay a “merchant permit / license” or whatever.


That didn’t make it a good idea then and it certainly doesn’t make for a good idea now.

The money should be made from premier recruits, not from the required gear. Keeping us all gear locked just prevents the people that would pull from pulling because they don’t have the gear to level the toons. That’s what is happening now and it couldn’t be a dumber strategy on scopes part.


That is a really strange comparison, but my guess on why Scopely is doing it is to make something for us to look forward to. We’re all on the hunt to T4 our characters but if everything was handed to us from the beginning, we would just be sitting idle and there would much more pressure on new chars.