Isn't it meant to be Faction LU and not solo?

Hi @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely I understand that the calendar is subject to change, however shouldn’t this LU be a faction LU and not a Solo LU?

Changes like this whether a mistake or not really should be communicated prior as it does effect how customers prep for an event.

Can an Official employee of Scopely please advise further on this please.

Thanks in advance


Are you really surprised?

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yes it’s definitely meant to be faction LU not Solo this is ridiculous


We set up for faction level and it’s a solo. Many of us only go hard in faction events and there are a lot of wasted points because of this.

Not cool.


Scope let. Just change it into Faction. Solo Level Up sucks

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I made 1.5M before seeing that it was solo
I want to k ill someone

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Sadly we know they can’t change their technical schedules so… oh wait


We need that days without bugs meme again smh. We really need to set up a team for this, just one man/woman keeping track of it is simply asking too much

Calendar is still in the oven


Wrong button. Just it. Forgive 'em…:expressionless:

Wait how did you waste points? Umm just don’t level them up now…don’t collect the scav missions…reading is hard…

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They dont have time to answer you toots

I believe Scopely is busy frantically scooping 500 ice cream cones :icecream:


Well they can make it up to us by throwing in a 24 hour blitz

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So, just let them sit there for two weeks? Yeah, that’s a plan. :roll_eyes:

Maybe coz’ of region transfere opening…

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This change really should have been communicated.

Yeah I asked about the change 2 hours before lvl up started but got no answer lol

They finally updated the schedule… looks like no faction event this weekend

I agree they should have communicated about the change. But personally I’ll take solo tourneys over faction ones any day. Rewards for both suck, but faction tournaments have always been many degrees worse.