Is zero energy road map done? Yes or no?


I reached out to support and they where clear several days ago that it still would happen it was just be a few hours. It’s been days.

Simple question is zero energy road map done? If not when will it be returning?


Yes it’s done.

But a lot of people have said they want it back because it was supposed to run Every Wednesday as per one announcement.

Kalishane knows and will maybe get us another day.

That’s my understanding of it at the moment.


They once again worded one of their msgs incorrectly then went back on their word and said there was no room for a roadmap. This all happened a few days ago so even though Shane was “taking it to the team”, don’t expect to ever see it again.


Her last statement was, that it’s not coming back. It was meant to be run every wednesday for one single hour but due to technical difficulties they had it up for 24 hours. Therefore it ran longer (in terms of total hours) than planned already.


This is exactly why the whole community gets angry at scopley. Unclear cryptic answers of all sorts of manner.

Support said out right it was delayed but coming back.

Now I am being told they will be sold to us. Anyways thank you for the answer and not having to look through 300 posts in the other threads.


One single hour, so Scopely thinks the Earth is flat and has no idea of what “time zone” means. Either lying or extremely oblivious.

Why not giving us one more chance? It shouldn’t be hard for Scopely to do so. If they thought the macro guys are gonna abuse the 0 energy map, then please don’t stop them by punishing legit players. Just reduce the exchange quota of the crate to 1 before releasing another 0 energy map. In this way, macro guys cannot abuse it anymore and all players won’t be empty-handed.


Standard Star Trek reply…

It’s dead Jim.

I suggest they send 25,000 plastic parts to everyone for their screw up, the 2 people that get stun guns will be very happy. Make it happen @kalishane.


No roadmap
Maybe red pieces as event milestones



And you wonder why people say bad things about scopley on here!?

Literally no where in game does it say that the zero energy map would not run this week!

What about the people who are not on the forum!? How are they supposed to know! Some people just want to play the game not sift through the broken promises on your crappy forum.

This forum serves zero purpose anyway as the “team” DOESNT EVEN LISTEN. Only hears what they want to hear.
Thanks for another stab in the back!:+1::ok_hand:

Suggestion release the zero energy map and keep it up for 5 days. Do that if you actually care about us.