Is your region currently awful?


We don’t have any with walkers in Cleburne


Let me add, we didn’t for last 3 hours, but only takes one or two ppl to screw that up😂 let’s hope it last through the night.


It’s fine beside the outsiders coming to our region telling me and my buddy to shut up or we are stupid.They don’t know the region and we always poke fun at each other it’s not serious like they think lol.


Don’t let it die


Decatur is awful. You definitely shouldn’t show up with a big bad faction for easy rewards. That would be even worse.

Easy solo level up prizes, easy raid prizes…

Just stay away.


Adapt and change your game play works just fine if one portion of the game isn’t broken. Maybe territory boosts and rewards mean little to you, but to many factions with growing players, territory boosts are essential. They also give edge in several events, and with so many cash-fat whales and whatever it is the Russians are doing to get their advantages, it’s often necessary.

Telling people to adapt when a portion of the game is broken is like telling someone to just drive slower when their brakes are out.

The point is fixes are needed, and not the fixes Scopely turned out.


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