Is your region currently awful?

What region are you in, and how bad is it there? Feel free to air your grievances. As transfers bounce around it would be great to have a general thread to hear about the horrors you’re dealing with.

Whales? Russians? Territories all gone to walkers? Scopely not paying attention? Want to just pretend your region is bad so factions don’t show up?

Let’s hear it all. Please.

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This is like asking for reviews by writing on the stall of a truck stop bathroom :joy:


Yes they all are now. Everyone wanted transfers and now what you just described is everyone’s reality.


I think the better question is which regions have territories that have NOT all gone to walkers.



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I’m pretty happy with my region. We sit on average about 50% walker territories, no real drama, active competition, minimal whales. So stay away!!! :joy::joy:


It’s turrible.
We dipped to low and a whack of opportunistic factions looking to avoid challenge from their regions popped in. Many from regions that don’t speak English (notably Russian and Japanese)

Most of previous residents unplugging at a faster rate.

I think everyone in every region is dealing with the territory struggles. Those that aren’t have managed to work out a system, but you need people to speak the language of the region to do that.

I think scopely is just looking to run this until they can squeeze out every last dollar before people lose interest.

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Territories is a walker wasteland about 35% of the time, sometimes more. I’m in a region that has high activity. 3 mill in a level up will get you top 100. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t left my region, but we had a whale faction move in and thought “they were going to run things”. What happened? A lot of factions left, including mine. It is what it is, oh well, try again.

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I was in Houston on my account for a long time. I say there were pretty nice people! The top factions came together to set up a line and let people join to discuss to share crit territories for everyone, even made a faction to dedicate to hold the territories and let anyone in to craft weapons. With like any other old region, it was dying, so moved to Pierce. I can’t complain. Of course, territories are sleeping with the walkers, but met a friendly top 15 ftp fac that’s looking to grow so I can’t complain to that.

Stay away from Morgan Region and the toxic faction called Legacy that place is a wasteland.

Yes, Hall is bad. Everyone don’t come here and those in Hall should leave ASAP.


I heard bartow sucks too

…but there are so many territories over run with walkers to choose from! It’s like there’s snow all over the map!

Yes it’s very depressing, makes me wanna take a brake from playing.

Im in the Cullman region and all the territory’s are all gone to walkers

Same im thinking of taking a break

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I’m in the Chambers and it’s literally the same

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It’s simply time to adapt and change your game play…Terry boosts and rewards mean little to me now…I’ve moved on…now I seek CRW, Onslaught and any future multi regional event…

My teams are pumping, my region I’m jumping, new enemies I’m humping


just my old fac but i left after crw