Is your faction actively encouraging you to participate in Onslaught?


Just gauging answers on this, as I see the majority of forum feedback seems to be negative regarding this new feature, but in several of my factions there are members buying energy for the entire faction and leads and co-leads trying their hardest to motivate people to participate every period despite the shit rewards

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  • No

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actually my fac has kinda given up on it and said fuck it. we did buy group energy a couple times at the start but it quickly lost its excitement


We’ve thrown out a few reminders to make hits but no real push.


My faction thinks it is not worth it. We played the same faction every time


There will always be a few diehards that dont care what it is or how dumb that are gonna press for the highest spot as possible.

Sadly tho even as much as i can tell my leaders want to press higher they can tell it wont work out pressing activity on this nonsense especially with war coming up which is why focus has really shifted to prep for war and do what you can or want to help the faction.

Sorry this will prob get the whole thread deleted but its TRASH.

Accept the truth of it and move on.

Your trying to take a game that already has a crazy curve for grinding and double down essentially…

The way this thing is set up i could see them just trying to make it a regular every day of the week type of thing and just all adds into the league points and trophies.

Yup still boring…


I just play it for elite token drops tbh


This! 110% this. We are on naturals only


Well thats interesting.


It really is kinda dumb. Each onslaught against a faction lasts only about a few hours, so it’s easy for people at work or sleeping to miss a couple of onslaughts or more. It’s asking for way too much attention for such a simple and repetitive game. Each mode they add is just more of the same tired formula: Fight walkers, fight people, level up, repeat. The majority of the game’s features have become more of a chore than anything and I hate chores lol


we faced the same group all day


30 minute periods, milestones, and individuals participation/points for faction would help with Onslaught effort.


I do like the 30 vs 30 aspect.


Yeah pretty much just hit when you on. We did face a group that had 29 hit though.


Our faction is encouraging participation but not encouraging spending. One or two have spent on a 50 coin hit to finish a faction off, but no one is spending on a second (200 coins) or a faction wide energy.

To be honest, its just raiding and because the energy carries into the final period, you just gotta log in once to get some hits. No big deal.


Not buying energy but many are participating. Rewards are bad, but when was the last time we had good rewards? LU gives useless toons as rewards for #1-3, yet scores in most regions go over 6m.


What? The 8e of 1st period move to the 2nd? So I can attack 11 times period 2?


Yup. First ever one was when I was at work, logged in and had all 14 of my attacks (we’ve had 9e Period 1 in most battles) in the 3rd Period


Thanks! Timer changed :smile:


Not really, we communicate and coordinate, but we don’t buy refills and don’t watch it 24/7


We are treating it just like a raid, if Scopely is expecting us to play 24/7 just for your game, its not really worth the time. Its just there, nothing else. And tbh, my reaction to Leagues is “ok” and my reaction for Faction Onslaught is, “Not wasting a time of my life in this”