Is weapon farming dead?

I have been weapon farming 13.5-13.1, 15.5-15.1, and 12.4 for almost two weeks, many refills have been spent, I think I’ve come away with maybe 7 3* weapons, not one single 4* weapon. That is a serious drought!
People in my faction have been saying that they’ve been haven’t been getting any either.

Is this consistent for the rest of you?
Has 4* weapon farming been disabled? If so thanks for telling us.

I farm daily haven’t seen a weapon drop in about a month give or take a few days.

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I’ve gotten a couple yesterday, haven’t done much farming today.

I farm daily and get at least 2-3 4☆ drops every other day on 23.8. Rosa lead and farmer lead from faction. Maybe try different areas on the map?

Who has time to farm weapons when you’re trying to run the gear map every day? :scream:

I still occasionally get them, mostly run 13.3.

I farm on my main region… the gear maps and 4* weps on 16.1… they drop… get 1 or 2 a week. No lilliths tho… they evade me constantly

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I have been farming 14.7. No Lilliths but at least 6 4* weapons in the past week, plus quite a few 3* weapons. As well as a couple of 3* toons. Of course it isn’t a guarantee, but they are still out there.

Got 1 4* weapon last week

I found 6-7 4* weps on 13.1 since yesterday. It’s been hit n miss lately.

Nope still alive and active, in the last 2 days I’ve got 7 x 4* weapon drops by farming stage 12 running all levels through 1-8

If your not getting weapon drops, your not farming enough…strait up


I have a good drop rate on 13-1, farming twice a day with all my energy and two drops leads. About 1 4*/day

Not one since mid December. Bad luck

Same here.

I farm with all the natural energy i get 16.1, in the past two weeks only one 4 star, i used to get more.

i gotten about 12 weapons in the past week just farming 13-5. Using 2-3 cans a day.

I get plenty from 14-7 and 13-3. Camo rifle just yesterday.

Dismantling sucks…very poor outcomes.
With level up your account getting you loads this dismantling should hav ejad a Buff to chances for Duct tape, Polishing kits and As[ray paint imo.
Even with Territories it sucks.

Also would be cool to have new weapons added to be able to find.

Also…weapon sales. Anything not absolute defence, Stun, Impair or -ap should be gained after 10 pulls guaranteed.
Those above should be after 25 pulls.
I can’t imagine many pulling for weapons when you get loads of iron pummels and crap like that.
I learned that lesson.

Thank you for some of the suggestions, I tried some of them last night still no luck what so ever.
I have gone through slumps, but this is something brand new, to the A hole who said something like: “If youre not getting drops, youre not farming enough.” SOOO 5 refills while weapon farming is not enough for 1 drop on 6 energy cost stages?!
If I were not in a huge drop slump I wouldn’t have asked the question.

Anyway, thank you so far for the replies.

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I feel your pain! I have not received a single 4 star weapon drop since the introduction of the armory… I think that this “equal odds RNG” is a crock of bs. I figured that it could also be the fact that I hoard weapons and already posses too many? :woman_shrugging: