Is War 12 v 12?


I really hope not. our faction has a hard enough time queueing 8 v 8


I believe it should be the standard 8v8.


No thank you…


My sources close to the situation say it’s going to be 30 v 30


That would be best solution, when game is going down the drain it should go in style.


Lmao keep flagging post. This new forum is ridiculous.


I heard 1 v 1.


He asked a question, stop being adhd r2d2 person.


Serious reply: No chance in hell after the first time they debut that option and was met with near universal hatred.

Non serious answer: Nah bro, need HALF a full fac for this ride, 15v 15 and its a 3 way fight each battle


I would definitely vote against a 12v12 war - might as well make it 31vs31.


31 could be overkill, but I like the challenge, no matter engine forbids it.