Is using an emulator a bannable offense?


I’m sure this subject got resolved last year or so on the old forum, but I can’t find scopelys official reply. It was something along the lines of emulators aren’t a supported platform but they’re fine to use.
Recently a faction mate has started saying using an emulator is a bannable offense and provided the screenshot from support.
Personally I think the screenshot doesn’t really say anything about using an emulator being a bannable offense but I wonder if anyone has any official replies from Scopely saying emulators are fine to use. @kalishane , can you help?
Edit, screenshot won’t upload, will add later


I know a few people that use blue stack I’m guessing if you use the program app the way it’s supposed to be and not to use it for other means of getting forward in the game it wouldn’t be a problem


That was my understanding. Using a rooted phone isn’t a bannable offense


I’m not Scopely, but first rule is to never believe Support.

Second, I don’t see why an emulator is bannable. You’re just choosing to play on a PC instead of mobile. What you do when it’s on an emulator is a different story.


Emulation probably isn’t what would ban ya. What would ban ya is running it on auto using a script. However, there is a problem: various sources from SCOPELY have contradicted themselves and so we are still left without a clear answer. To this day. Not one consensus has been made. Use at your own risk?


They are perfectly fine to use.


isn’t it just like Mirroring? i know people that war on their big screens.


Imparently scopley advertised themselves on bluestacks at least that’s what I’ve been told so I don’t think its bannable
It’s not really cheating just a way of playing on pc at end of the day


Emulator or not the game still has third party sellers. Thats not good.


I use Bluestacks- Android emulator and it’s fine. No gaming company bans it.


I use bluestacks while i’m at work, I hope its not an offence!

Cant see how it can be, its just another way to play the game, an app to run android on a PC

Its not a tool for cheating (well, it may be to some?) but there are far worse things out there - auto click? VK cheaters? Hackers?


Bluestacks advertise the game, hope I am ok to place this URL here.


So here the screenshot from support that my faction mate had. Its a bit vague and doesn’t really answer the question if emulators are allowed or now.
Personally, I think they are fine to use but someone from Scopely confirming would be great.
Can you guys confirm that using an emulator for playing the game doesn’t breech any ToS? @kalishane @Shawn.Scopely @Agrajag