Is two S class Pete Anderson's possible

Is it possible to have 2 S class Pete’s?

Yup it is possible

I know the 6 star was available but I thought all S class came from the museum

In the beginning you can pull him. He was later offered in the museum.

You could have pulled the S class???
I didn’t know S class toon was ever available as a pull.
Okay I guess I was wrong.
I know the 6 star version was available a few days ago in a crate offer.

I thought you could pull and upgrade to max 6 star 2 toons but required a museum collection to S class.

Yeah two is possible. The first would have cost an estimated 2600 us dollars back when s class first graced us with thier addition. so laugh at them as everyone has one for free only a couple of months after :slight_smile:


When he originally came out people could get his S class, then again with the current blue key collection.

Ok thanks

Pete you can have only one

Apparently you could have bought and S class pete before he showed up in the Museum

No, when he first released his keys were in a premier wheel and you could have his S Class for mundo $$$$. Then they released him in the modern S Class format

If memory serves right I think you could get 3 at one time

You can technically have 2 SClass and a 6* if you threw the $1000s down when they first put him out.

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Yea I’m still thi king of you can have three

You can have 3 S Class Pete as in the beginning Guys spend a lot to get 2 and then the museum collection came and you get 1 for 11k blue keys. What you can’t have is 2 Christa 2 Kapoor 2 James or 1 Christa and 1 James in same region on same account. You can have 2 Heyghen 2 Priya 2 Aarav 2 Secretary Guo 2 Rualito 2 Laopo. This has been discussed before and confirmed by many.

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