Is Turkey roadmap worth doing?

With the nerf giving too it…is the roadmap worth doing?

It’s not that bad, way better option than the 50:50 mod box.

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Was wondering that too. How much wood is needed for it to be worth it? Currently have 430, which isn’t a lot. But not sure how much you can do in the time allotted.

Each stage is 15 wood, but you can reply them for more trainer drops, Ive had 2,3,4,5* trainers drop, plus strong etc trainers

I went through 50O when I unlocked it. Got 1 Benedict. Rest was 3 stars few 4 and a lot of 2 star but it way better then a 50/5o technically silver. Mod.

So does it drop active and ar trainers?

Yeah it’s worth it. It still drops trainers just not alot

What are the drops like with Salvage tokens?

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Good question.

Anyone know?

Drops with tokens were pretty much identical as double drop lead run, which was identical to running without a drop lead. This was my experience anyway.

Done with gold tokens minimum two trainers everytime. Also even with a full roster you get trainers so you can just stack the fuck out of your roster

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Roadmaps? Haha I haven’t done any of those in a long time ridiculous rewards for hours and hours of my time

Fresh take.

Yes its worth doing…save your wood, you get an incredible amount plus its FUN …!!!
But remember to keep some wood left for your next roadmaps. And of course keep an eye out on your Survivors coz they overflow as well…i had to train 2 lots of 300 plus survivors so i didnt waste any bonus.

This turkey hunt was on 1400 wood…i had 9 minutes left on the clock, didnt bother counting my refresh tokens.

Results… 2* × 60, 3* × 76, 4* × 18, 5* × 3, Ulysses ×1, traits…yellow × 2, red × 2, blue × 2, green × 1…and 5* trainers × 6.

171 assorted trainers…Wooooooooo…!

Not a single Lilith? :frowning:

No lilliths this time but i did get a couple on my first turkey…its pot luck?

You can get Liliths, I got some but it’s the same as Ulyses

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