Is Troup dead or not?


This isn’t aimed at the region. There are currently tons of good players there some even transferred there to fight. This is aimed at mouth piece numerous uno @Final-Boss
There’s conflicting information going around as to wether your region is dead , alive, on life support, or was the plugged pulled after you lo

st again?

Who considers their region the strongest in the game

Was it you who killed the region? Was it that stupid ego that doesn’t remember just how many crw’s and AoW’s you’ve lost? People were leaving before you got dropped again in AoW. You can be the two faced limp leader you are and hide behind Mick, but everyone who plays knows the only thing smaller then your memory is your “roster”.



Hi @The_real_crow, unfortunately I retired my leader position with the release of transfers and the end of Dead End. It was planned that I passed down the torch a while ago to either King Death or Asgard, not Jack. The faction Legacy still has some DE players and new members from other regions. Sadly yes Troup has died.




Who the hell cares? Go argue in private messages.




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