Is Trader Weapon Not Infecting Allies Still Not Fixed?

Didn’t see it on the list of fixes.

Not that I’ve noticed, but I also didn’t test it recently. I tested it a while back and there is merit to this claim.

Eg: About 15-20 hits from confused ally against non-disarmed Trader, at a 50% rate for his weapon to infect, at least one of those times would have triggered his weapon. It’s very possible that even at 50% rate, it would not trigger once, but the chance of that occurring will only significantly decrease more and more with more sampel testing.

I had the same question. A faction mate of mines tested it and said it took him about 10 tries to get an ally infected by traders weapon. It seems that the chances are much lower than when an enemy attacks him. This totally sucks.

I don’t think any weapons proc when getting hit if you hit a teammate.

On attack weapons do, but not when getting hit.

Not true, you can get impaired against a blue teammate - just not sure if that is for just the impair/elusive toon though, because that’s the only one I’m running now.

Also, a confused hit triggered focus on my magna with stun/focus gun, but none of my toons (don’t know which one hit her) wasn’t stunned - this is most likely due to stun resist mod though

Impair is the one where they can do it on attack or on getting hit. If I recall correctly, on attack should work but not when getting hit. I’m out and about right now and may not be able to review my past conversations until tomorrow. (Holiday weekend).

Not true … on def weapon also work against your own teammates… i have experienced it many time when battling with jacki def team :slightly_smiling_face:

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My team has been infected because they were confused and hit Traitor. Doesn’t happen often, but it’s happened. Hopefully this sheds some light

Worse still, his AR does not taunt in Arenas.

I had this problem all last war and onslaught, so many peeps clearing infection with no heal or cleanse etc

Are you using him on offense? He doesn’t taunt on offense.

Yeah impair, stun, bleed and infection weapons seem to trigger the most on teammates.

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