Is this the worst war ever?


Man, this war has long wait times, terrible prizes, 6v6, large milestones and no competition or excitement. I know we’ve suffered through some bad wars with bad prizes before (Douglas, darlene) but i honestly think and hope scopely has hit a rock bottom here and is about to turn it around. My initial excitement with the introduction of 6 star characters has turned to ashes in my mouth, and wars with gear and benedict as a prizes. Even cross region was spoiled with tokens as a top prize. Just wanted to know what the opinion of the community is. Has scopely bottomed out, will it get worst, or am i just being dramatic


I wanted to replywith 10000 characters post but I actually too tired of being agree with every negative post out here, sorry


Not the worst. The first ever CRW takes the cake on that one…


Best war in a long time. I agree the rewards are bad but I am not in a top facion so have no chance of getting them good or bad. The 6x6 means my faction can put together a team faster and the search times are a few minutes. The last two wars the search times were well over an hour for us.


I’m definitely struggling to get excited about this one. And I’m in the top faction. Kinda on autopilot just to get milestones and stop. Sigh. :-1:


The war where we “won” Caroline is high up on my list :joy:


Yes. Simple and honest.


Idk… what about the 12v12 ?

  1. Darlene is a SR Goddess so the statement that she is terrible is quite wrong.
  2. The milestones are as high as they always are?
  3. Speak for yourself about the competition, because my region is booming with it.

Sure the prizes aren’t great(they aren’t horrible either), wait time is terrible, and the 6v6 was unexpected… but it’s not the worst war ever. Seems like you’re just bitching to bitch


Survival Road Goddess, that’s an Oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one lol


I’m loving the team diversity this time round, really keeping me on my toes. For example the first guy I fought had Carl, Zeke, Shiva, Negan & Michield, but the next guy I fought had Carl, Shiva, Negan, Michield, Zeke! Really threw me! Damn these ingenious team building strategies, damn them to hell.


Band aid fix, now instead of waiting half an hr for war, only six of us get to play while the reserves do nothing. Sure it’s awesome for the factions that can barely put together 8 but the faction I’m apart of is usually 12 or more ready to go, at times yesterday we had enough in the que to make three separate teams.

  • We don’t have long wait times at all. Is it common for your region to have long wait times? Or just this war?
  • Prizes suck, but i think thats why they made it a blitz war format
  • See above
  • Milestones are reasonable, not too high unless you’re in a low pop region
  • Agreed, but that’s the way my region works.


The matching is still broken, there is unfair amount of searching time for different factions. I hope there is no more war before they can fix this.


What about war rewards and the “bug” they cant give ascendable 5*

Look whats in that box