Is this the Maggie I think?

Isn’t this the Maggie that is about to be ascendance? What in the world?

Yup trying to get sales before they ascend her and we have no idea if she will be good or not, mainly if she will be command or ruined like the other command, revive Maggie


Cash grabbing again, I see. I bought Beta but I knew how he was. Idk abt her. But I guess we are fixing to see…

If shes a command i will be happy as i missed Nik, if she gets anything added and stays close to her 5* then great! I use her for 5* arenas but now i have 2 Briannas


If she was going to be good they wouldn’t sell her for $20.00. I hate to say it, but there’s our answer.


Yes. The last decent war prize is finally getting her promotion. To sad I’m sure it will be horrible since she is everywhere now. I miss the amazing rewards with the prize that doesn’t go on sale next week :roll_eyes:

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She is. Unless you already have her on your roster you gonna need pay to get, or maybe they will launch some event and make players grind for her just like Romanov

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