Is this supposed to happen?

My roadmap still has the same roadmaps on it? No sections?

Not sure. Mine looks the same.

Thanks :sunglasses:

I think because those roadmaps are premier update when rare and uncommon roadmaps reset they will probably appear in the radio section since they will be post update

These are legacy Roadmaps from 9.3. Once the team sets up new Roadmaps on 10.0.1 they should all be located in the correct spots and have the right team grade. Thanks for the patience as we get these new events set up.


I hope these new ones are updated to fit the needs of the 6 star era


Any idea when they should be ready?

Supposed to get a farmable ultra rare and elite rare map once a week and a legendary medal road map at least from what I read in the update announcement.

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Hm didn’t know you could zoom out…

It’s new! (Ie not coming soon)
Digital equivalent of unfolding the map?

So wait my 350+ radios maybe finally worth something