IS This Shawn From Scopely?

I think I may have found him, and pretty sure that everyone has watched that video where Yvette takes a tour at Scopely. @Shawn.Scopely is that you?


It sure looks like him and it’s a shame but it also looks like no one told him…


Just replace band with place you work. Extra points if you can name the movie this is from and then go watch it again because it’s awesome.


Wow…atleast he was a hell of a toon. I love shawn no homo

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Yep it’s him.

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Mind blown!

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Nice research now find naya :wink:

doing a dox on the people that make the game for us is bad to do but if he has said ok than it could be ok to put his picture up but if not this is a attack of him and privacy


Is this the guy who put his face on a toon on a mobile game played by millions?

Lol this video is on youtube

Yea a huge attack of privacy on a video that has been seen by tons of people that is available to see on youtube by the public :man_facepalming:

shawn. shawn… Shawn! SHAAAAAAAAAWN!

@How2Zombies I think I know. Naya looks like that girl from Scopely before JB came. God I forgot her name
Edit: Oh yeah… Kalishane?

It looks like her doesn’t it?


Why are you so negative about post, no one said bad things, you hurt the person making thread.


Now we must find Dev



They should had given her the 1000 year ban hammer as a weapon in game :rofl:

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I did not be negative I say it is bad if he is not ok with it but if he is it is ok and if it is a video like people say then it is maybe ok

Getting to hang out with Yvette was an amazing experience for a long time Community fan. I’m glad they edited out all my gushing. And yes that’s me, I’ve been in a few of the Skybound promos over the years.

@IronandWine Nice PCU gif but you gotta wear the company swag for the promo material :stuck_out_tongue:


i am glad to see you are ok with the move of showing the picture

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I use your in-game toon all the time.


your neck is shorter then the one of the in-game character. people did comment that the head didnt fit the body. could have made it more accurate. we dont have to look the same, right? no need to be ashamed.

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