Is this right with abs def


Ok, a quick question is an absolute defence weapon supposed to stop an adrenaline rush att?
As I had it happen to me in the last war and just again in a raid.
The first one in war was against 5* doc Stevens it blocked both of dwights double att and the one just in raid was against 6* zeke (again using Dwight) but only blocked the initial att not his second.



What you saw is because Dwight’s rush is two “normal” attacks.


Yep, it’s how Dwights rush works. All is working as intended.


Dwights rush is two normal attacks, It says 2x 350% damage.
But if you recon it’s working right, I have to accept it lol


Dwights trash for this reason, his rush can be hella effective or you can meme yourself with it


Try to use Dwights ar or any multi attack ar on a opponent that you have stunned to avoid the ar being blocked by absolute or being stunned after the first one if you hit a stun gun.


A poor mans Michonne


Abs def can block Dwight because it is two normal attacks but it won’t block something like ty or shiva which is a special type of rush attack.
There’s a few threads about dwights rush from a while ago… but searching is too hard for a link right now lol


Excuse me but Dwight is a rich mans Michonne because I still have that pull money in my pocket. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Dwight is the best F2P toon they have ever given out. People just need to learn how to use him.


It’s close between him and Wyatt for me in terms of favorite character we were given for free. I managed to land stun on attack on his harpoon though so maybe that makes me like him more. He works well in my defense as well.


I don’t run melee but I face Wyatt all the time. Pain split can be a pain in the butt. I make sure to never let him rush.

Congrats on Stun. How many tries did it take? I hate using mats on bound weapons but I did it anyway with Red Rosita. Took five tries for stun and I have no regrets. Her rush heals and cures stun and impair. She’s much better than I was led to believe.


i have wyatt t4 with a stun harpoon. he almost my favorite toon so far. i actually like maggie a bit more due to her healing ability and two toons attack, unlike wyatts line of enemys… and with abe and negan in there i can get two pain splits at same time and diddle along slow and steady. time runs out alot


Agree on Rosita, people hated hard on her Jessie but both are pretty useful in the right setup. That retribution 2 surprises some people too when you have Siddiq to make toons pop :wink:


Only took me 1 try actually. Got very lucky. Lol


Dwight rush are two normal attacks (auto attacks) so careful on who you use it. Usually I frag a low hp toon or rush on a defensless toon with no special weapon or on CC ie stunned.
Carefull also not attaque shielded toons :wink:


Put double attack weapon for dwight also :slight_smile:


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