Is this premier wheel worth a 40 pull?

The monkeys are useless if you don’t complete them and considering the odds I don’t want stuff. I have 20k coins from the bags and I don’t know if he’s worth it. Also I have a crossbone and not enough Lucilles, masks or bandages for it. Should I take the risk?

Personally I would. He looks like a great toon.

Hold them and wait for a new wheel

Buy bags to use that last crossbone for 10 more supreme crates

New wheel has terrible odds. There is no 5 atar version of tye avalible and the bags/ monkey amounts wouldn’t put a dent in the collection u less you got really lucky.

I’d wait for a better wheel/promo or do crossbone thing like mentioned above.

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He looks good but he’s crap.I would save save save your free coins for som1 you really really want very badly cause chances are even if you pull not likely to get the characters you want.
Only thing if they make him S class his burn is 1400 instead might be ok.but who the hell knows.

Says there’s a chance to pull him…but he’s not even in the rotation.

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And risk getting nothing but bennies?

Yes he is.

150 Benny’s for 250 to 750 coins depending on how many you have? Still sounds good. After this event Benny’s will probably become scarce again

Seen 1 40 pull done. 3 non ascendable 5s and 4x100 monkeys. So not even a tenth of 6 star tye. Glad it was thier 20k crate coins. Most bonus rewards start at around 60 pulls so not much help there either.

All in all sounds awful

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