Is this possible or yet even done!


Has any one faction in a region attempted or controlled every territory for any significant period of time? It might be greedy but I’m curious.


You mean this? I just posted this picture only few mins ago haha!

A bit of luck, with the best faction mates you can ever have. :slight_smile: And we are just a normal and ordinary 10+ ranking overall faction. Anything is possible. :slight_smile: I think it was half a day or more, had lots of fun while we constantly changed teams and took shifts as everyone were hitting on us.

The boost wasnt significant though (that i forgot), really wish it was something more.

Edit Oh woops didnt know it was the whole region. I know theres one region with only two active factions…


There is a faction in our region (Albert), called Albert’s Armory where they take and hog those territories forever. Those that need it are welcomed to go there anytime. They have big boys there which guard the territories crazy man…


We have one here in Chilton that always hogs the crit and success territories


This is the correct take.

Even the 30 crit territories are barely worth it


We did it for over half a yr…eventually everyone gave up…1st faction in game to do it…:joy::scream::joy:


crits helps, get more crit success… but problem is there is many possibles in there, and most want only one, for that crits ain’t help.

and for topic… faction who could take all (in dead region) wont benefit much… so much useless boost on there what active (full town, lvl etc) wont need


wow that must be boring region to be! just shows how to make others is made to quit because one faction… if scopely wont kill it always some faction will kill it at the end


sad thing is everyone had same opportunities…I just assembled faction of hard workers who wanted to be the best.


Yep, 70 bleed and reflect all day
I got 2 stun guns before territories even existed, territories just boosted how may crap crits I get :smiley:



Too cool


i feel you… around 20 try first impair… 16 try for shivas stuns, and many many more… (most was crit success, but not what i wanted)


It’s the regions Armory. They hold strip mall, surefire and Washington. It was agreed upon they would hold those three territories absolutely everyone is able to come over and start your craft there.


COol, so it can be done. Our region the top faction hasn’t gotten anywhere near greedy yet. We got about 15-16 factions fighting over territory


Yeah, but is that beta? Cause I remember that happening in beta in the beginning when stamina reduction was still around.


that’s hilarious :stuck_out_tongue: