Is this only way to i get red key?

Is should i transfer to other region to get extra red key dam it scoply offering batteries without key

Be careful. You will be stuck for crw. There’s a cooldown before trsmdgeronn again.

Ik thats only reason make me not do it but transfer is only way i can do to collecting items

I can’t believe how much Scopley fucked this one up. Makes absolutely no sense to have pulled the key offers. And they’re pedalling battery offers like there is no tomorrow, all of which are useless without keys.

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Yea I’m trying to give scopey my money but batteries w/o key does nothing for me. Throw up that offer for $20 again that had 4K tires… take my money!

If they’d kept up the 150 offer which included a red key, I’d be within about 3k or 4k of adding Sophia to my Sandy. And tempted to spend

As it is, I’ll cash in for some medals and not spend anything (well, anything more…)

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Man I really wish you guys bought the 1.99 deal for two keys. Hopefully they bring that one back. Was the best one last week.


That deal was available and I got 2 of them. After that it has disappeared. I think briefly I saw a deal this weekend for $19 that had 2 keys in it a long with useless batteries and steering wheels. The very first days of the contest I saw the 150 coin offer for 2 keys and I thought it was too soon to get as like to see if I grinded and did everything I needed I wouldn’t have to get offers. A few days later I saw the writting on the wall and got two of those $2 offers you are referring to. Guess what…may still not be enough. I am right at 16k but used up all my keys. Thinking of getting the $10 offer for 1500 tires before it disappears.

One key will be available in raid milestone soon

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Always buy in the beginning


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