Is this how they fix or stuff like that?

Like, assume that there is a box named Choice Box D in a Wheel. then it means that just go to game coding and just delete that element right or is there something else to it ( i know it is fixed but have a doubt ) . And stuff like if we’re in beta then the odds are becoming different than usual. how does that happen if they don’t even touch that coding? do they purposedly do it or what.

Thats called scoplification


The removal of the D box happened after a game update, so I guess it can’t just be altered and replaced as easily as we might presume.


Sorry, I am not fully sure I can follow your line of thoughts to discern what your actual question is (not in beta, so lacking the knowledge of the reference there)

As a hobby programmer, I can see different ways how such a wheel can be coded, but a simple deletion of the lines referencing Box D would in most cases not really work. An actual easy fix would have been replacing the Box D reference with another pointer to a different reward type, but this wasn’t really a suggestion by the players (all calling for removing it, rarely someone mentioning a change to it), nor the intention from Scopely.

The most popular explanation of why this took so long to remove was that Scopely didn’t really give a damn or that they tormented players on purpose. A more plausible explanation would have been that the wheel had been coded by a specific person, who had not been directly available (the uncertainity about the schedule might indicate a medical leave, or a vacation that ended up in a lockdown) and who has a very peculiar approach to coding, with little to no comments allowing others to understand or debug properly. And instead of assigning new resources to completely redo the feature, they decided to wait for the person to become available again, because - well, they didn’t really give much damn about the player experience…


I’m doubting it because if Choice Box D contained 5,000 cards instead of 50 cards I don’t think it would have taken over a month to change :smirk:


That is a damn truth, it would have taken only hours to fix it, so the level of incompetence to solve errors that negatively affect players is very high, so it seems incredible that there are still many stupid people spending money to receive that kind of terrible service :joy: :rofl:

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Yes, because if that happened, they wouldn’t hesitate to remove the feature completely if that would be necessary. And reallocating (expensive) resources to prevent loss of revenue from a mistake is always justifiable, while user convenience adjustment is not (remember that the box wasn’t a bug, just a poor design choice).

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