Is this goodbye forever or not


I’m retiring from the game for now due to minor health issue. Getting old can be beotch sometimes. I’m not a player of note but the one distinction I might have is age. (60+) I’m tired all the time so I’ve lost the will to play. I want to thank everyone who’s helped me or made me laugh. I’ll still pop up in the dreams now & then. Good luck y’all & keep & surviving.


I’ll miss ya @Bonnie bye btw I always thought the cat in ur profile pic was a cutie


Take care @Bonnie


Take care @Bonnie I hope your health gets better!!


Good health and best wishes. Your free!


Take care :slight_smile:


I’m 58 yrs young and I hear you on this lol.Take care and best wishes


Bonnie :sob::sob: Nooooooooo. I hope you feel better :heart: you always liven things up. I’ll miss you in the community. You’re a player of note to me.


Dear Bonnie good luck out there, hopefully you find something to keep you going. Being 49 now and long time gamer ( since the days the Atari 2600, and pong) over the last few years noticed I’ve had to change my games. My reaction time has slipped a bit as I’m not quite as good on racing games anymore. Fortunately this game isn’t as demanding on R.T. We will miss and good luck


You are always sunshine in my chats Bonnie, always happy to see you! :slight_smile: Get better soon <3


I wish you the best off good luck in the future. Recover well, you got all off my best wishes here and I think the community wishes you all the best! <3


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