Is this good team?


Is this team can work good?


For def, no

For attack, still no

Using a defense lead on attack will greatly reduce the dmg you do. Using dmg dealers on defense will weaken it as dmg dealers arnt tanky.


They will all benefit from 30hp, but that is all the leader skill Glenn & Shiva would receive.

It may get a couple of defends due to surprise element, but would be an easy kill after that.

Ziek League Store leads only really work with multiple OP team behind him so that surprise element is always there.


This person only understands defence and attack. They should have explained the counter attack approach if they understood it.


So this team isn’t really for anything however with a few changes it can work. Zeeks lead is mostly for def so then you need tanky toons or weapons. For zeek either a blunting deagle with 40% def or a stun gun with 35% def and huge ap on def. Glen swap him out for command sidiq and give him a impair gun with 40% Def or a hopeful prefix weapon like jesus rifle should do. If you don’t have him then a ap down dwight’s club with 40%. That will only be the way glen does not die on round 1. The governor is good but swap him out with “A new threat” Governor if you have him but if you don’t then his gun is simple a stun gun with 35% def, huge ap on dmg, stun on def. Tyreese just needs a impair military shotgun simple enough. Shiva can be pretty versatile. So since most people find shiva a pain in the ass they will target her first. Shiva will need either the hopeful prefix or ap down on def, huge ap on def, 35% def. This team will pretty much guarantee a 75% to 80% Defence win ratio.