Is this going to be updated in the near future?


So, erm… This is the 6* era, and even back in the days, these weren’t great rewards.


Good one , i used to take the “pass” but man now it’s just not interesting anymore


Although green michonne was pretty badass back in them days !!


Awww yeeaaah


And it might be greedy to ask, but more coins too? :joy:
(hey! You never know lol)
But I am happy with an updated crate too!


Always used to get Aden and be pissed. Now it’s the only thing worth getting.


i would keep getting 4* abraham…


This just in. New 30 day pass crate*

  • not an actual thing although who doesn’t love “Gator”. :laughing:


lmao!!! well done


Nah… I heard they changed there mind and want to implement a 3* Doug Crate instant. Still Nice Picture :wink:


1% chance for Gator, 99% chance for Gator. I like my odds.


And still you’ll end up with a grenade somehow :wink:


Since april no pass for me :man_shrugging:


Can’t wait for season 10. Rick’s out “Gator” is in! :wink:


I would actually start watching the show again for this :grin:


I would too :grin:. Couldn’t possibly be any worse than season 8. Boy that stunk.

The Walking Dead takes an entirely new direction as a man named “Gator”, his pet alligator and his walker girlfriend try to start a new life. Coming this Fall to AMC.


I stopped after exploring the Comics. I already didn’t liked Season 7 and thought about stoping. And after reading the Comics… damn. Also I will never forgive them that they for some reason turned Allen in a poor Governour Henchman :angry:


That crate was made in 2016 wasn’t that bad when it 1st came out there was more 4* teams than 5* teams. By now it’s almost 2019 and same toons part I don’t get is they updated the 1st month from 4* blue Carl to 5* red Carl but left the crate the same by now at least 1 ascend should be in there get rid of the dumb 4* even a new player there worthless to after month 2. Put even active skill trainers over them


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