Is this forum a dictatorship?

It seems many discussions are deleted because some of the mods don’t like the topics. We all have different interests in this game If someone doesn’t want to discuss a certain topic why can’t they just scroll down. Instead we are forced to only discuss what the mods want to.

Yup :man_shrugging:t5:

Some people would argue that absolutely no one pays attention to the forums.

Not sure which is more accurate

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Lady deek will close this one too watch.

I’ve never had a thread closed because it’s not what the mods want to discuss… but then I’ve never insulted mods in the same thread that I say “Watch this get closed”.


A dictatorship? That’s pretty funny. How about follow the form rules and you don’t have to worry about getting a post removed. If you have a problem with another player take it up in your global chat or your LINE group. Don’t bring your drama here because it is against the rules.


See post above for my response to you


its kind of like " i am playing this game not you so why do you care so much if i hack"

Kind of expected a reply like that. And that’s why there are rules in the forums. Have a good day and good luck

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I don’t care if u hack bro

well you said it, not all people have same interest or problems and scopely have their own issues. so bare with it. its just that they dont want un-nessesary topics and waste our time and their time. and i know their are stuff which are nessesary but are getting closed and flaged becz as i told they have their issues. and its not that they particularly hate someone and close their topic its their job

Just wondering… Whats your opinion on face masks :stuck_out_tongue:?


Forms very bias if you kiss up u get treated special. Mods …cant fault them but they are doing work for a garbage company.

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The forums are a service that costs money to provide. Scopely, then, gets to set the rules for what content is allowed on their forums.

This post is in violation of their guidelines:

Please read that article and revise your posts to be in compliance with the guidelines provided. If you have questions, comments, or concerns about the guidelines, contact Scopely directly via customer support or a DM to someone in this list: