Is this for real?


Hope no one is this dumb and buys this…


Wow the new bugs are worse then I thought.Also leagues are bugged right now.:smiley:
Maybe this is why they can’t do a Hot fix.

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I mean, I guess if you got the 20k coin for $99, it’s a deal (compared to normal coin cost)… but, who is actually in that lucky bucket??

Maybe when they did maintenance\cleaned the servers the other day, the odds and empty offers screwed it all up.

You just have a bad bucket

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I would imagine there are people actually buying this :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Seems legit…

$100 dollars for 16 lillith’s! Can I trade in my 70 for $400?

Someone would need to be committed if they bought these.

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Remember this is worth $10



Nooooo for 8 liliths…

I really can’t believe that someone would buy that because there is not a 33.3% chance it’s a 0.00001 percent chance

Who even comes up with these so-called offers

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on top of that.
Scopley named these trashes… ‘‘Huge Value’’

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