Is this even a good weapon?

Seems really good at face value, but it’s probably pretty bad in practice.

When there was only 5* was so good, now its meh…

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“better chance” is a little too inconsistent for my blood, but if you swap out the “ap dmg on being attacked”, it might be good in the hands of a strong green character.

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I’d be confused on first look on how to upgrade it, but you can either have 3 opportunities for Huge on both or keep the 1 you want and change the other to a stat. The second would probably be the best way to go forward as then you aren’t wasting upgrade slots.
So for example: 40% att + VL ap on att + Revive before upgrading to 5star, then 50% att + VL ap on att + Revive + 4th slot affect would make it very powerful.
The fact that it already has revive built in and gives you the option of which way to take it makes it a pretty good weapon to recieve.

I have a weapon like that I use on green hershel on sr, works good enough, chance to revive on normal attack

Not worth what it cost to be prestige 13

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