Is this Defence team normal

My previous Def team was Priya, Princess, Erin, AP Doc, Zander. Today i downloaded the game and took the free choice box and uninstalled it and i chose Angel from the box. Because i wasnt playing the game when the s class were releasing i was on a break. i checked the raid log and it was like 85-90% I lost before ( after i left the game ) but from the two previous weeks i was getting like 50-50 probability. it may be because not many people attacked me. but now i changed it to Angel, Priya, Princess, AP Doc, Zander. I didnt work on Angel that much today just gave her hp mods and def weapon and shes still tier 1 level around 70-80. I just realised while i was typing that i forgot to level her Active and AR so i will do that and also realised that i didn’t give her daze resist mod. So i will make sure i will max her active. but i have some doubts.
Def 6k+, HP 4.5k+ right now without changing anything i wrote including the weapon and leader skill in that team

  1. Should i max her AR
  2. If i dont have the set required for full set for daze mod should i keep daze anyway or just keep the previous one
  3. So will this team do better than before and can i get more defends with that team or probably the same?

I remember one time u said u gonna quit forums and game for good

Hi! Priya is an atk lead, so a defensive lead will almost 100% bring better results and Angel gives defense to all, besides the Daze T1 protection against quick rush offense teams.

For S-class stats (except when going for crit dmg set on a crit specialist toon), the difference in set bonus is rather negligible as it is a flat adder (not influenced by weapon/lead skill multiplier), so feel free to use a Daze resist from a different set - whilst making sure that Doc is Daze resistant as well.

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