Is this correct current ascendance list?

This is taken from the promises update thread (Upcoming Game Updates: Promises for the Future [Detailed Changelog])

It doesn’t seem right to me, because I feel like people are saying you can ascend stuff that isn’t on that list…

I’m trying to decide which color would be the best to work on ascending, because I still need a Huge Item Drop leader, but would like to also have a shot at other useful toons for the same color.

And if it is indeed the correct list - what would be the best color to ascend to go for a Huge Item Drop lead while also hoping to get other usable toons? My main attack team is pretty solid (Diego lead), but other than that don’t have a lot of other good toons.

4 to 5-Star Ascension Pool:

  • Revamped fighter pool, doubled the amount of 5-Star Ascendables possible.

Below are the possible 5-Star Ascendables that can be acquired from 4-Star ascension:

Name Subtitle Trait
Donny Alert
Rick “Road to Survival” #2 Alert
Rose Alert
The Governor “A New Threat” Alert
Madison “Road To Survival” Alert
Richard “Winter Edition” Alert
Dev Alert
Davie “Off-Kilter” Alert
Lucas Alert
Carley Fast
Maggie “Life and Death” Fast
Morgan “No Way Out” Fast
Maggie “Something to Fear” Fast
Rick “All Out War” Fast
Ezekiel “Shiva Force” Fast
Michonne “Winter Edition” Fast
Rick “Rise To Power” Fast
Romanov “Road to Survival” #2 Fast
Shiva Strong
Jackson Strong
Sawyer Strong
Kal Strong
Viktor “Road to Survival” #1 Strong
Wyatt “Road to Survival” #1 Strong
Kelly Strong
Abraham “Road to Survival” #4 Strong
Connie Strong
Yumiko Tough
Jessie Tough
Shane “Days Gone Bye” Tough
Siddiq “Call to Arms” Tough
Abraham “Road to Survival” #2 Tough
Douglas Tough
Dwight “A New Threat” Tough
Ezekiel “Winter Edition” Tough
Aiko Tough

I know red Dwight is in there got him yesterday.

Those were added to the existing pool

I’d go for alert toons. Rose is a drop lead. Donny is a great leader. Davie is really good too.

I think Rose is the only drop lead listed there. Unless I’m forgetting about some. If you can find him elsewhere, blue Kenny is the most useful drop lead available right now. Imo at least

Rose? I know of Rosa… lol But Rosa is a 5* green

oh so who else is there?

This list only contains the Ascendable 5*. No Normal 5* or 4*

hmmm. i dont think anyone wants that garbage tho so this list has everyone anyone cares about except Rosa?

You wrong in many ways and your anyone means you

wait what?

who else might one seek?

How about?

Yeah, there’s defenitly No one who cares about non-Ascendable (Sarcasm)

can you translate your puzzle to Spanish please

oh nvm im sorry i thought that you were just writing in puzzles. why do you care about ascending 4 star characters?

Except Rosa i Want Rosa but thats it I think?

Sorry, pal. I don’t speak Spanish.

I care about ascending 3* and 4* because I’m a collector and just enjoy collecting Characters, mostly because of there Design or Comic Apperance. This is also one of main reason why I’m even still around. Also collecting costs Nothing or atleast much less than the newest shiny Promo.

Just Rosa? That’s a very small Wishlist.

I think that you might be alone in your quest :frowning:

I think that most people throw away their 3* 4* maybe even 5* homies. tbh.

Personally, I like to win. But having someone that gives you the Very Large More Items like Rosa seems very helpful. To get Gear Tokens from Gear Map and such…

My Picture stated that I’m surely Not alone :wink:.

Rose is a 6* alert drop lead. Gives 20% def to all if I remember right, plus item drop bonus.


oh sick, honestly always thought there wasn’t a red drop lead. thx for the info!

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Np, glad I could help :slight_smile:

I was mistaken on the leader skill though. 30% hp to all. Not 20% def.

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