Is this an ok team?

NO !! That’s just sad.

Carter, Mac, and Mac is a pretty solid Survival Road team.


Dwight lead… Boobs… Zeke… Get maggie ascended and craft ya a absolute weapon for your michonne shield

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Ascended Carl would be an ideal leader for your mostly melee group. Otherwise, you’re doing well.

No lol, I don’t have any tough characters for survival road

Why is it

WHy should I get Maggie ascended

I’d use your current team for farming but that leader can’t stay and Maggie’s leader skill once ascended would suit you he probably got many options actually hang on to that series Jesus

Maggie doesn’t have a lead skill once she is ascended?

You’re right for some reason I was thinking of Vincent

No 6* Maggie doesn’t have a leader skill. Probably the best leader skill toon out of the ones he posted is Dwight (besides boobs) for the toons that he is using. If I remember right it’s a huge bonus while taking damage and something else. It’s been so long since I used him I can’t remember lol

Well you could try some dupin throw that boobs in leader then hopes a lot of blue coming to attack her with all those yellows

All I can think of is to ascend Barker and set as lead for your team with Zeke. AD for your Michonne and Maggie to revive. We do not have access to the rest of your roster so we can’t give you more ideas. I do speculate that you have RTP Rick so you could have him lead. The AP bonus on attack would get Maggie’s rush off quicker to heal/revive Michonne as well as allow your team to hit harder and pop off sooner. So Rick lead, Shieldchonne with AD, Maggie for heal/revive, Zeke for Guardian II, and Jesus for a AOE rush.


dwights lead skill is +30 defense and a very large bonus when taking damage to all melee

Don’t waste trainers and 5* to feed Maggie she is horrible and barker is pretty bad as well

I don’t have Barker, but I actually really like 6* Maggie.

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Maybe she is good on attack team every def I face with her I laugh thank you for putting a toon out there that kills no1 and doesn’t do what Wyatt does waste some1 time

Truthfully level LE Dwight put good def weapon on him he hits some1 with his ar good chance next hit will kill person especially if a ar hits person after that Jesus is good but no shields is a really easy kill

After your bully thread you can’t be trusted and now I just think you make troll threads to cause drama @Quinnton. You are going to have this backfire on you, then I will be grabbing the popcorn.