Is this Alpha good?


1 Pull from Lydia Wheel


Süper. Dwight alfa treyse bluee mic blue carl


Yeah can be a beast with double attack weapon


Yes I love using her one of my favorite toons


I like the graphics of the game.
I usually used to play a shooter game like Grand theft auto.


Attack or crit mods?


How ironic I got alpha from a ten pull trying for Lydia lol


I use dwights gun put 30 crit 40% atk and gave her a ton of crit damage


I use a attack and crit mod all on a crit set


Good yes. I struggle with the collateral setting off other rushes so I don’t often use her (actually have 2 and konrad #thestruggle).

Great against trait advantage.

Bad against ap gain when attacked.


Nice. I like her.


No, no, no…(he lies trying to protect his precious erika team) depot her quick( I think they bought it!).