Is this a good team? If not, how i can improve it?

F2P by the way

With whats shown thats pretty good until you get better lead … Maybe try using sawyer in some setups and use his active before using amber help make sure she kills something to activate her specialist

It’s great you have Amber but you aren’t getting much use of your leader. If you end up getting a decent ranged attack lead like Blue Andrea for example you could run her, Gov, Morgan, Ajax and Jeremiah just based on the toons you are showing. Get Jeremiah to rush first and then Morgan should get some kills in.

Like wise what he said with Sawyer and Amber

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I agree. When youre familiar with sawyer hes a good toon. Hes defense down active and stun rush are good to charge amber rush. Plus hes attack is buffed with abraham. I suggest swap gov with melee neutralize once you have him. And get that ajax a stun gun whrn attacked.

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I also suggest ascend negan to buff your strong since you have a roster heavier to that trait.

I would love to get a better leader but a few days ago i was using a 5* that was unfeasible for the team i go against

Abe gives all melee 40% attack and 36 crit. Hes about as good as leaders go without an AP bonus

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That negan gives out 40 att and 40 def to strong. Swap shiva with sawyer he can be badass

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I did mistakingly think he was strong only but still 2 out of 5 don’t see any benefits. But like you said they aren’t a lot of good attack melee leads. But more now than ever especially with Camilla being added to the wheel

As a matter of fact, as a f2p player myself, I still run an Abe led team, which has been very successful.

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I use ajax on my michelle team, so he may as well have no lead bonus. Hes is a beast with a stun gun

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Since the other two wont have a lead bonus might as well buff amber and sawyer with negan then. Ajax will focus all attack on him so govs fine.

I do that as well on one of my teams

Abe being good an all u could use a 5 star as leader to get rush of faster. Amber should be doing most of the work any way.

only because u have the ajax protection some have useful boost. Some ideas there

Ajax w stun is a beast lol and rifht i use him w michelle so basically no help for ajax

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