Is this a good anti erika and magna team?


I think it’s good because Javier will give rom some health with his lead skill and bonus ap when taking damage (Roma taunt) and I have huge ap when attacking on his weapon and each toon here has a form of CC and tye for decap… they’re also all high damage besides Javier thoughts?


Yes love. Except that Sandy loses Decap as a 6* for Waste Not. Prob replace her with 5* kate or a command.


Ik I only said tye has decap


I think you need someone to really make ty beefy if you don’t have Michonne or Bruce to disarm. Focus also helps a bunch to work around the shields. Consider using 5 star Kate if you have her, 6 star Rick, 6 star Lori or Hershel who all have focus. A Rick lead will help your yellows trigger faster, but a Dwight lead gives ty the power he needs to one shot Erika.

Edit: you also need to ascend Tyrese and max him at least to t3 with attack mods. Decap is the key to defeating revive teams.


Javier is my only good blue yellow lead… besides tough garret


what i use, tyreese x2 hits really hard with kate’s attk buff. decap a line 1 turn, other the next. mirabelle gives the lead (dmg ap weapon on her) and stun remover, so dont attk alerts with her unless no special weapon, rest is self explanatory


You don’t necessarily need to cater to every trait on the team, some can stand on their own.

One at team: Rick, Marlon and Rosie, Michonne, Zeke, Tyrese

Second team: Dwight, Ty, Hershel, Michonne, Erika

Third: Dwight, 5 star Sr Zeke, Michonne, Hershel, Tyrese.

If you have similar setups they can work well. For example, rom for Marlon, yumiko for Michonne, Lori for Hershel. If you don’t have Rick ascended I highly recommend him for your yellows and focus ability.


U will need recover impair against magna


Need some focus up in dat beach


You need a command


Looks good 2me


I would replace Sandy with Rick. That way you can focus and take out Erika first instead of trying to beat down Magna (who will probably impair most, if not all your guys. Yay RNG). These revive teams are easier to deal with with the revive gone.

Zeke is also an option because he recovers impair. That way you can taunt with Romanov, recover anyone who’s impaired and shoot Erika in the face while Magna’s distracted.


What if Erica has stun


Erikas always have stun lol. You’d need good stun resist mods or Joshua for his recover stun active skill.

So there’s another option for the team: Joshua.


Or Kenny kidding Joshua has heal reduction


these work on mag/ erika gangs


my team looks so funny now…


They’d work better if you used the armory


those are random teams from my beta account. not that important to me


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