Is this a bug or hack?

Not sure if this is happening to anyone else but while attacking someone, that message popped up and I couldn’t hit anyone for about a minute then it went back to normal

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it is a glitch / bug with normalise - if you use it on a human shield and then kill the same human the same turn then the game goes " no one can attack" known bug


Thank you :slight_smile:

Wicked-good QA. :confused:

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You’re welcome, I hope they fix this one soon

So I don’t need to start a new post, I would like to know why when raiding, I use Mackenzie to heal my team and they instant die.
Is this a new feature of someone on attacked team?
It has happened twice now.

Angel lead on defence probably - so when angel rushes she applies trauma

For each debuff that is recovered - Mackenzie uses a recover all - 3000 damage is applied

So if Mackenzie and Erika were on a team and Mackenzie has bleed and burn, Erika had bleed burn and maim on her. Under 3000 trauma from angel - Mackenzie would get 6000 damage and Erika 9000


That’s it then. That kinda sucks wipes out 3 both times.

Next question why did they make crafting parts 1 tap at a time? Hope they fix it so we can just hold the + down like when selling things.

If you mean crafting in the workshop you can actually hold down on the + or - sign and eventually it’ll pick up speed if you’re trying to craft a large number of items.

No in the armory before they added all these new parts you could hold it down now you need to click it for every weapons part you want to craft.

Haven’t noticed this, will take a look next time (:

I’ll add it to the list of changes I want to see that I’m drafting

Yeah it sucks when I run out of daily limit on scraps I always use the material to make weapons parts sometimes it is in the hundreds so clicking 100+ times sucks.
Also thank you for the reply on my first question also. I figured it was something along the lines of the defense team.

My armouries are always chugging along so I just craft grenades instead with leftover wood / supplies

And no problem - new toon, new abilities out there, hard to keep track of it all

I thought that message would only appear when fighting against walkers? Does looks like a glitch right there then again idk

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