Is this a bug in survival road?


I had a faction mate on survival road stage 25 of legenday. He started the stage but realized he had the wrong leader up, so instead of just dying he fled. Only problem is he was forced to start back at legendary stage 1…?

@CombatDevIl is this the games intention? I feel that’s quite overkill for mistakingly putting the wrong leader in.


Kind of had a somewhat similar thing happen to me although not as severe. Was on one of the later stages in Legendary and my guys all died on the second wave with about 5 walkers left. When I restarted the stage it took me back to the second wave but it was filled with all of the walkers and not just the 5.


Something similar happened to me on a daily road, but I jumped from 8 to 1 (it was not due to a restart, there were still hours left for that to happen). Apparently, if your connection to the internet goes away you can continue playing but do not save your progress.


No, if you flee in Survival Road, the only thing that happens is your fighters AP reset to 0. I will ask @CombatMan to investigate that, however, most likely it will happen only next year, today is our last work day of the year.


With the wrong leader on legendary 25 3 waves of walkers vs you weakest trait, probably lots of people. You go in there with no crit lead and tell me you’re coming out alive. I call BS


thanks! for you too. :smiley:


Excude me. I need some help. Rightbnow is the mission to lvl up. The third mission ask to lvl citizen characters. Grade 3 or plus… i do that many times but it doesnt count it


To add to what @CombatDevIl said, if you flee, you start back at wave 1 with all enemies at full HP, which is the way it was designed. Is that what happened to that faction mate, @Brian_Mcleod?


He said he started back at legendary stage 1. I myself know, if you flee you start back at wave 1 with 0 Ap. I just don’t understand what would have happened to start back at stage 1.


Well I’ll get that looked at tomorrow to see if I can repro, but I don’t expect that’d be very likely


Yea i have never heard of it happening to anyone, aside from him one time.