Is there will be another roaster reset?

It is still worth grinding for other s-classes or they will just do a roaster reset when they screw everything up like they did in 6* Era?

I have yet to see a roaster in this game. When I do I’ll let you know.


Yeah, I thought it was toaster - it resets depending on how crunchy you want them. But roaster…? no clue…

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Is this the roaster you are referring to?


What we cooking once it’s been reset more importantly?

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Whale meat.


100 percent. They paint themselves into a corner to quickly eveytime trying to milk the cash with rediculously op premiere that have to just keep getting more ridiculous for people to pull. Omega class coming by the fall. 5x the stats and requires 2 maxed s class

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That would be some shit to have to level 4 6* and 2 sclass to get the next class of toon and knowing how scopely works wouldn’t put it past them

‘What’s that grandpa?’

‘It’s a picture of your great, great, great grandad Parker with 1 Tier 3 6*. Look at this’

‘What’s that?’

‘It’s 3 maxed 6*, and a Tier 1 S-Class. It’s upto you Parker Jr the 6th to get that 7*’


fried chicken gangster neighbor rap

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