Is there War this weekend?


Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, but do we have war this weekend? I know we had 2 consecutive weekends because of Thanksgiving, but are we on this weekend on next? Thanks


According to Kalishame: “Also, confirmed – it will go back to normal war cadence after thanksgiving!”


Maybe another LU. :grin::grin:


everything could be changed, so i think we need one more lvl up this weekend!

Keep on Surviving !


Fact @kalishane didn’t put it into event calendar probably means no war I think. What other reason could there be?


Probably has to do with the fact the calendar for November only goes to Thursday the 30th. and war starts Friday evenings. Just a thought.


It is to complex to build up the december calender. We could be happy to know the next event bevor VK will help us like everytime…


There has not been a normal war cadence since June. I wonder what she considers normal?


Precisely. She chose that word specifically to create a loophole or opportunity to backtrack and renege.


So if there was supposed to be war on thanksgiving weekend the “normal cadence” would be 2 weeks from that :wink: , but you never know. About the december calendar - if this would be only thing preventing anyone from giving so vital information as war intel, I would be lost for words.


I hope it’s another level up, so I could take another break from this shit.