Is there still use for epics in raids/war?

I’ve been wondering about my epic toons and if they will ever get a 6* version before they game dies and what I can still do with them. Legends have taken over raids and war and no one is leaving a Def team with epics even though their 6* Toons don’t work together. So I was thinking, did epics become a support kind of Toon only to be used as territory bait and survival road? I kinda lost interest in the game because they forced me to ascend characters just to stay in the now and now that I did Im regretting it even more because the legendary toons I have hate raiding with. I have basic ones(double Ty, Mira, yumiko, zeke, shiva) my favorite teams to raid with used to be melee teams with characters like lightning reflex Eugene and Dwight and Sr zeke and now I don’t really know what to do with them, I don’t have a Carl lead to place them under also. So I decided to make a video and test 3 full teams with only epics in vs full legendary teams and then I tested a full legendary team on some guy’s epic defense team. Results were kinda confusing in regards to my main question. I’d like to hear what you guys think.


So say we all.

I’m in a top faction, and also use the same shit toons as everyone else.

The irony is F2P and P2W alike are both suffering from 6* ascendance regret.

The only ones with no regrets are the Super Whales, cheaters, coin loaders, inheritence babies who pull every single 6*

Basically if you have all the F2P 6* and the Erika/Hershel/Alpha toons all T3 you are fine.

If you don’t have Erika you can’t do any range defense in CRW and expect to last.

If you don’t have Carl you can’t do any melee defense and expect to last

The “end game” has become who can kill a windowless 6* defense FASTER

Who can kill the fastests?
People who use Macros, hacks and cheats.

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You need to use Ultra Rare characters :wink:
No, I still use epics in many categories,
Raids is one of them.

My best defense still includes Priya and AD Shield Michonne


Still use priya on my primary attack team.

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Posted it before, my main attack team. Still takes out a lot of Mirra teams. So I would definitely say there is room for epics in raids and war

4* Zach can take out Mirabelle teams.

The thing we lost is the interesting “how will I beat this team?” Now nearly every team is beatable. Before 6s I would see some of my faction mates go UNDEFEATED halfway into a battle against another top faction in CRW… now the same people barely defend. Any team seems to be beatable by the OP active skills and stats now, and doesn’t take any skill to beat even some of the toughest teams


This x1000

We used to rally around our tanks, back in the old days we had some power player whales and when they would defend 100% it was like HOOORAH and then other factions had some whales and they would defend 100% and matches would get heated as the win/loss was depending on those who could crack the “unbeatable”

Then Priya came around and a lot of lazy people couldn’t figure out how to beat her so OP 6* came out and destroyed defense.

Certain defenses can still get defends, and a lot more defends in wars (thanks to towers and pressure)

But for raids, if you see the leader is red, bring blue and you win. It’s that easy.

Now of course with CHEATERS and coin loaders and super whales, this will change when we have to face all t4 6*. But that’s just stats winning out again.


This s*** game is now dedicated to in care weaklings. Just throw out a 6* Eze or a 6* Shiva and destroy any team.
I remember the good ol’ times when probabilities had a real impact on raids and wars. RTS is on its end :end:

I’m now using a one character drop defense, waiting for the next CRW. What a sad game experience.


You’re beating 6* teams with 5* and even a 4*! Time for Scopely to buff 6* stats even higher…


Sadly, 80% of the actives on my region are doing this.

During that “raid event” i kept raiding teams with 1 or 2 toons on them.

Why bother doing anything else right?

Honestly, this is the best to do.
I’ve never seen a defense team able to resist on assault. We can only rely on tower/general bonuses to be efficient now.
Moreover, in fife players who think they’re strong by beating a drop team won’t be able to train on your defense and will eventually be rekt during the next war.
I wish I could leave my actual region and join another one, not dying or full of lowlifes :cry:

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Slightly off topic, but am I the only one who likes to name his teams?

No you’re not
I’m naming them after Stand names from JJBA lol

I still use Bonnie, Command Timothy, Yumiko (5*) and Javier. The only 6* I have at the moment is Abraham.

SR Zeke and Bluechonne are the only 5* that I would bring to a raid nowadays. The SR Zeke + 6* Mirabelle / Siddiq combo is fantastic and wipes teams quick.

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Well, I think it’s a matter of perspective, 6* toons haven’t been around for long, just think about how many of you had top teams a few months after starting to play. The main thing has always been about consistency, a well balanced team has always been the best kind, for those of you who rushed in to ascend your toons early to follow others who did so you could compete, I’m sorry, consistency still applies and that aspect of the game hasn’t changed.

Dudes be serious, if you are fighting for top 5 prizes usage of 5s is pointless. If you are fighting for 10-20 spot in war they are usable to a level that you don’t hit a faction with half pumped 6 teams with crappy weapons. Buffed 6s are simply brute killing 5s, so chance of winning trough s5 team with multiple special weapons is lower then f2p to pull 6* on a single pull in premiere.

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Yeah, I use Tripp every time. With all the status effects going around now, he’s a real asset. I doubt there will ever be another “cure everything” toon.