Is there level up between war?


Is there gonna still be a level up between CRW part 1&2


I wouldn‘t expect any different.


Yes, VK has pics. No candles or cakes or mods or toons in prizes so I’m scoring a zero


i put my godamn xp camp in thinking rewards would be cakes and candles and that top place was a 5*/6*… :frowning:

guess im hitting first with 2 mil points :frowning:


Looks like I’ll wait till Monday’s level up as well not using my scavenger on poor milestones etc


12 hours I believe, milestones cut in half.


1 million will be top milestone :slight_smile:


These are quite literally the crappiest prizes I’ve seen. It wouldn’t even be worth it if the level up was 1 minute


Crappiest prizes ever at the expense of war.

Scopley logic of the finest vareity.


Good, I can barely keep up with 4 to 6 million+ points every single week. I can take this one off.


We need candles and cakes.


I guess I can’t use 5 6*s for awhile



And the weekend just keeps on getting better… :crazy_face:


This entire weekend has been very disappointing for it being Scopley’s prime event. Terrible rewards and a 2 part war makes it lackluster at best. What a shame on top of transfers that has been an improvement but this craps all over that.


Hahahaha. This is what they stopped the war for?


No thats after CRW part 2



Definitely says the tournament starts on 1st September


There’s one before and after Part 2. Cuz there’s always one on Monday.


Yea my bad, double checked it its 12 hrs


Wow tota; crap as usual