Is there gonna be 7* ever?

Or can I throw my duplicates to supply depot?

Probably, just after they release the 6* equivalent of Pryia.


They already did that


gen 2 6 stars are in many ways 7 stars without calling them that. If the game continues to progress and remains profitable for scopley, I’m sure 7 stars will be released


But they will make the first 7* from the first 5s that are not 6s yet making you have to ascend them twice and then wait for t2 gear.


they will make 4 stars go straight in to 7 stars but you need to use

Not done milking 6* yet and far from. 6* will get stat boosts, faster rush like 45 ap, more crazy rush and skills, all this is happening but will progress slowly on a yearly basis, next year this time there will be a toon that makes alice outdated. This way is better as it doesnt send many into a panic of 7* but is basically 7* with 6* as the name

Expect generation 3 4 even 5 before they get to that point this gold cow is still worth milking. Way things are these are 7*s with weapons that can’t be crafted anywhere else too.

Gee…wasn’t the trend to say that 7 stars were coming soon…now there is doubt?

People got to get their crap in line with real truth instead of constant speculation.

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