Is there going to be new Museum event

Are we going to be seeing a new 6 star gear event in museum soon? @JB.Scopely
Thank you


I hope so but i doubt it with new store… slow lvling.


It’s in $copley’s interest to have a museum event - if we’re all stuck with too little gear - no incentive to buy coins and pull for Premiums we can’t level


@JB.Scopely We need some answers here a lot of people are getting so frustrated they are refusing to spend money on new characters, because heck whats the point when you cant lvl them up…

maybe they what to do a theme one that goes from halloween to christman maybe

Yeah I’m getting low on the basic 6 star gear not to mention canteens and GPS.

Stands to reason but scopely does what scopely wants and the whales will pull regardless and then buy the necessary gear from a “deal”. It’s the f2p and minnows that will get screwed, as always.

Since we have league store now I highly doubt it. Just save up or buy them canteens and GPS

No there isn’t, the team is looking into other ways to have you get gear, not free. Jb and I will keep you updated.

Pleeeeeaaaaaase!!! I need stupid weapon tripods ffs. League store doesn’t cut it :pensive:

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The league store gear is way too expensive … Most would rather wait then spend so much there

I really hope there is real soon @JB.Scopely
And this time to include T3 gear!!!
Also bring back the one of a few good “deals” you guys actully do, the shirts and gloves for 70 coins. Haven’t seen it in a couple weeks now. :unamused:

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^^^^ what he said too lol

I hope so things are kinda boring without extra things to do

Don’t worry can Thursday is tomorrow so you’ll survive with be bored now.

I heard a good idea. Use the gold radios for roadmaps to get 4* gear

The walking dead 15th anniversary

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well new museum event with two toons that have already been given out for free, one subpar toon, and then Glenn who is worth it if you don’t already have him

I think they missed the ball on this one, this should of been 4 of the remaining legacy ascendables of each trait for playes to choose from. But what do I know…

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So it’s Glenn and who else

Please don’t say blue abe