Is there going to be magna promo soon?

i have been saving coins from 30 day pass for a while so that i pull for magna, she hasnt been on promo for long, any idea if she is gonna be here soon?

She was on promo about a month and a half ago for the second time round I only know cause I saved for her lol, I reco you may be waiting a little while longer but keep saving for when she does!

She was on promo a few weeks ago. Same time Lydia was I think.

She was the promo exactly a month back on 24 Sep. I doubt she will return so soon. But am sure she may come up within a month’s time

Single pulled her last promo :smirk::smirk::smirk:

She’s one of the most desired toons in the game and scopely knows that.

I thought that was blue shane, since he keeps being the wonderful top prize in all these S.L.U.T.'s

We just had magna we want Jesus!

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i wsnt her

Nobody believes that

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It will matter how many more cash grabs of new toons are coming for her to come up again

Go for Lydia instead.

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I have erika so i need a ranged shield

how about a six star koa for a hundred dollars people will buy it if it’s gurranteed

I have Erika and Magna. It’s not enough. Swiss cheese. Need more Erika’s and magnas lol

:man_shrugging: oh well

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