Is there going to be another gate?

I smell another Jamesgate with people picking up a 3rd one :wink:


How did people manage to get a 2nd james? (I might either get him or angel)

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Bugs just like people with 2nd kapoor

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Something about moving to different region made 2nd toon available


I think first gate kinda already happening with Angel Card not matching the description


Oh. Well if someone has 3 james. Your fucked unless you have good disarms.

That bastard can take to half and to your grave with ar (Half of your toon hp and then dead)

I counter him with raulito lead bleed, Neutralize, Confuse (This really dont fuck up or damage the team good) And decap(Gotta make sure he’s down for good)

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fuck if bug is still around they just just hop regions when they open for angel

Leveling s class is hard. Since kapoor and christa are in my raid team. Im too worried to do it since Im pretty sure My ass is gonna handed to it. Kapoor, christa was in a ygl luck mission. Once I have them come. I only gotten 22k from them during the start of the level up. Meaning it wasn’t shit. A s class 500k xp mission be nice. It would take a day to complete. And it gives each 250k xp or 125k each. That. I might put them on another YGL once I have a decent team I can raid with without using s classes.

Hey, hey. Stop being so rude to my boy James You Christa Cultist


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I hope people pick up a 3rd James, he has never given me an issue.


he shouldn’t give you issues he should be used on att and not defence

Im not lol He’s just annoying when it comes to fighting.

My christa can drop him after 3 turns. For other people its his ar

Vanilla gate gold bar collection moved to TBD

Perfect wanted Christa aswell going to put her to good use with james

Or double james🤔

I’d get a double Christa, but angel looks the best of the three.

I’ve never had a problem with James. If I get the choice I will definetly pick another Christa.


I think everyone is getting a bit gate happy…


I’m getting a second Christa

I think you don’t understand the difference between a gate and uploading the wrong picture :man_facepalming: