Is there anyone who hasn't done the gold brick stage for a day?

I’m afraid I couldn’t. Now I can’t make a James 4Tier?

I think you still will be able but you could always try sc-membership trial they get a bunch of gold bars every day.

ah dont worry at the end of the login thing i am pretty sure they will have a gold brick bag or crates in shop for coins.

They said they may do a roadmap for a few extra. Which they should. While in theory it’s an easy enough task, it takes only 1 day in 3 months to be on holiday, broken phone, busy, natural disaster, Russian nuclear attack, etc


I have missed it like 4 times so far…I just dont care


A bunch as in 4 extra

what about the north koreaaaaannnnnsssss
kim is not happy

I wanted to choose a slightly outdated and safe, yet understandable example. If Kim did go and give America a facelift, I’d probably get fl@gged

Somethings wrong with me. When people say Kim, I think Kardashian lmao.

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A scathing reflection on contemporary American culture lol

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Lol well tell us how you really feel

I am just to bord to do them…

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