Is there any way to influence/predict who you get from ascension?


I’ve tried more than a dozen times to get 5* ascendable Siddiq through ascending 4* toons, but generally seem to end up with the same characters (Eric… so many Erics…). Is it purely random, or do certain 4* characters tend to result in the same 5* characters?


No, sorry :frowning:


There is a way to predict. The better the character, the worse the odds lol


Rosa, Abe, Zeke, Rosita, and Martinez. But no Glenn or Siddiq. Obersons and Sophia but no Clem, Ben, or Gator. Lilly and Barker but no Siddiq. Donny but no Glenn, Lopez, or Rick. As a matter of fact, picture the list of people you can get from ascendance, now picture not only the good ones but the ones you want. Those are the people you’ll never get for months.

And I just got another Lilly. This shit is not funny.


Took me 17 tries to get Rosa.


Three. Ain’t that a bitch?


I had some in my faction got her first try or even pulled from 5* tokens.


I expect nothing from this game at all. My RNG number is horrible. If i need it dont get it get something else. Pull from 5* tokens not a single accendable toon since the start i got shiva when everyone was getting her. So 17 tries for Rosa seems legit. Not a big spender on pulls so its what i get. My random number has never been random at all


I noticed that about 2 months after i stop spending my RNG goes WAY UP. Once i spend it goes down.


I assume you’re not kidding? If not, it sure would be interesting to test.


No, im not kidding. I’d regulary spend 400 a month… my weapon RNG, pull RNG was in the drain. My best weapon while spending was a 2* impair gun.

After i stopped, my luck went way up. 15 4* special weapons shortly after i stopped spending. Well not shortly but over 3 months. One a week


I wish we had more of a say in which character we get through Ascension.
I was about 0/10 trying for Rosa, but got her from doing pulls.

Siddiq is the real prize I’ve been after. I am around 20 attempts into this, and I’m still without that ranged command toon. Extremely frustrating.

I’ll occasionally try for a Gator, just to mix up the disappointment going after Siddiq lol. I’m like 0/5 on Gator attempts.

My only real success with Ascension came from the Joshua that I got one day. Only took about 3 tries. So that was pretty good. But overall, way more failure than anything else from this wonderful feature :unamused:


Got Sophia when I tried for Sophia, got 3 Gavins when I tried for Lilly or Siddiq, Got Gator when I tried for Gator, got Lee and Abraham, when I tried for Green Glenn, and got Magna, Timothy, and others when trying for red Glenn


Have gotten Siddiq, Glenn, Gator, Joshua all from ascending. Never could get Rosa but didn’t care once Gator became ascendable


That’s why you have to ascend wishing you get the likes of Donny, red Glenn or Major Gavin, the rng will try to crush your wishes


I thought he wanted a deposit of 5000 rts coins so he can safely move his account to your reigion which you would have accses too or is that a different Prince